Gold Coast border changes to begin later this week

Border changes are on the way for this weekend, ahead of Queensland finally reaching the 80 per cent double dose vaccine milestone.

The heavy vehicle checkpoint on the Gold Coast Highway northbound through Bilinga will be dismantled on Thursday and Friday nights.

Contractors will be packing up the four big marquees and the concrete barriers, meaning the Gold Coast Highway will have to be closed between 8.00 pm and 5.00 am on both nights.


Just the northbound lanes will be affected, and police will be diverting that traffic onto the M1.

The heavy vehicle checks will move back to the inspection site on the M1 at Coomera northbound.

Gold Coast Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman has told the ABC that the heavy vehicles pose a very minor risk to Queensland, but they will continue monitoring them.

“We’ve always had a layered approach on our border operations, we still have that now.

“Anyone who comes through the border there’s still the vehicle monitoring systems we have in place, that’s consistent with the heavy vehicles as well.

“We’ll still be monitoring those vehicles as they cross the border checkpoints but we’ll be doing some randomised intercepts – a risk-based approach – but very much looking at intelligence-based as well.

Since the heavy vehicle checkpoints were installed in Bilinga in July, 126,000 trucks have been stopped.

Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman says only 2,200 of those had to be turned around, which is less than two per cent.

“When we talk about risk, the risk around heavy vehicles and what that means for us on the Gold Coast and the rest of Queesnland, that risk is diminishing,” Acting Chief Superintendent Wildman told the ABC.

“So we’re actually in a really good place.”