Gold Coast border police praised for ‘compassion’ over father’s day meetups

Local leaders aren’t losing hope that the border situation between the Gold Coast and Tweed could be eased while praising local police for their compassion on fathers day.

It follows emotional scenes at the barricades for father’s day yesterday, with many embracing and picnicking at the wall.

The police presence was strong, to ensure that no one tried to jump the border. They only had to hand out masks to those involved.


But, officers are being praised for their compassion this morning.

“The police did an incredible job here yesterday, just the amount of compassion they showed and just that real understanding,” Tweed Mayor Chris Cherry told The Today Show this morning.

“And to know that the closest case of covid we’ve got is two and half hours south, we haven’t had a case here in 12 months.”

“Just looking at this human impact, on people’s mental health, on their wellbeing, it’s really really high.

“And that’s why we’re calling on both governments to please reconsider moving the checkpoints south, please look at lifting our lockdowns and let us get our communities back together,” Mayor Cherry said.

Just one woman received a fine for $4,000 at the border yesterday, for trying to cross through Griffith Street several times despite being denied.

It comes as discussions between New South Wales and Queensland governments disintegrate, over a solution for the Tweed community.

Queensland is still refusing to relax restrictions on the locked-down region, while New South Wales refuses to move the checkpoints south.

Tweed Mayor Chris Cherry is refusing to give up hope.

“You always have to have hope. Nobody with a heart could look at what happened yesterday and not think that something has to be done and urgently,” Mayor Cherry told Today. 

“These are our family’s lives that are being affected like this, and I know people are suffering all over this state, and I don’t want to take anything away from that – people are hurting everywhere.

“But this is an area that hasn’t had covid for over 12 months,” she said.