Gold Coast braces for more wet weather

Queensland is preparing for another significant weather event, with the Southeast set to cop a drenching.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has issued a severe weather warning for parts of Queensland, including the Gold Coast.

The heaviest falls are expected on the Gold Coast on Wednesday and Thursday but this weekend and all of next week will likely see a lot of rain.


“There’s going to be incredibly heavy rainfall,” the Premier says.

“So we want people to think very carefully over the weekend, and to think about their preparations.”

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned the Southeast should expect an increase in showers and thunderstorms.

While most of the most severe rainfall will be in Far North Queensland and in the West, there is a concern for the Southeast’s streams and rivers which are still saturated from earlier floods.

“There will be locally heavy falls and given the wet season we’ve had around Southeast Queensland, again, we’re going to see a heavy, short-duration rainfall that could happen more so on a local scale,” David Grant from BOM says.

“Those catchments are going to be still quite responsive so there will be a risk of flash flooding around the Southeast.”

Police Minister Mark Ryan has ensured the emergency response is already underway across the State.

“We’re monitoring the situation, and we’re ensuring that the appropriate resources will be in the appropriate place for the right time,” Minster Ryan says.

“Although it’s an unusual time of the year for severe weather, please do what you would do usually, which is watch for the weather conditions and do not enter floodwaters.”

This weekend and into next week the Gold Coast will cop up to 200mm.

Other areas of Queensland are expected to receive their highest May rainfall on record amid falls of up to 250mm.