GOLD COAST BUDGET | Residential rates set to increase

Gold Coasters will be charged more for rates with Council confirming the average residential rate will increase by 2.5 per cent next financial year.

City of Gold Coast handed down its $1.8 billion 2021-22 budget on Wednesday morning, revealing the average bill will rise by $74.82 annually, excluding transport and state charges.

“That equates to $1.44 per week which is one litre of fuel at the bowser,” Mayor Tom Tate said.


However, when you include the separate City Transport Improvement fee, which has increased by 12.8 per cent to $150, the Volunteer Fire Brigade Contribution fee, which has also doubled to $2 and the state water charges, which have increased 3.5 per cent to $581.63, rates will actually increase by 3.1 per cent.

That would actually add an extra $92.32 annually or $1.78 a week.

Mayor Tate said the rate rise is below inflation.

“In my view, the trend has now been set for a low-rates budget future,” he said

“Last financial year, we effectively provided a rates freeze through a $64 rebate for 138,000 owner-occupied ratepayers to assist families through the challenges of COVID-19. This was included in a $26.2 million assistance package to help businesses and families.

“That budget was labelled a ‘compassionate budget’.

“Today’s budget is titled ‘Team Gold Coast’ as it has been a real team effort for us to again achieve such a great outcome for ratepayers, business and the economy.”

The majority of the city’s budget, $331.8 million, will be spent on transport, including upgrades for roads and cycleways.

The budget also includes a $286.5 million has been set aside for water services and $233.9 million will be spent on sewage systems and services.

$110.6 million dollars will be spent on waste collection and recycling.

Our tourists parks and campgrounds will receive $20.3 million while spending for tourism marketing will stay at around $30 million.

Major EventsGC was also allocated $11.8 million and $33.7 million was set aside for culture and arts.

Council has admitted more money could be handed to tourism and events should the international borders reopen and big events return to the city.

Mayor Tate thanked Gold Coasters for putting their views forward during the budget survey, with responses helping to shape their decision-making.

“Our annual budget survey attracted 3462 formal survey responses and a staggering 57,378 social media poll votes, on different issues” he said.

“The community’s voice told us what to focus on and we have done that in every aspect.

“This budget is all about keeping costs low, just like families and businesses have to do.”

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Just bringing the council rates in line with the already exorbitant water charges.
Yet they are only spending half of the income generated from water rates back into water services.

How Come the average increase is 2.5% My Bill Has gone from $954 per half year to $1052 per half year that is closer to 10% per half year ???

My bill has gone from $2553 per six months to $2846 which is 11.5%. Where is the 2.5%.