Gold Coast builder films kookaburra and snake ‘fight to the death’

A BUILDER from the bush who moved to the Gold Coast four years ago has filmed a kookaburra locked in a brutal battle with a snake in suburban Brisbane.

Rhys Scott, 27, was working on a house on Romulous Street in Robertson when he spotted the native Australian bird trying to eat the snake for lunch in the yard next door.

The eagle-eyed kookaburra had swooped down and grabbed the snake by its throat after the reptile poked its head out of a weep hole in the brick wall of the neighbour’s house. Scroll down for the video.


Gobsmacked by what he was witnessing, Mr Scott stopped what he was doing, pulled out his phone and started filming as the hungry bird tried tearing the snake out of the hole in the bricks by its head.

The epic video shows the snake wrap itself around the bird before the pair become embroiled in a 30-minute fight to the death.

Giving David Attenborough a run for his money, the Nerang brickie’s comical commentary almost steals the show, with the witty Gold Coast father narrating the showdown, blow-by-blow.

“Live Action!” Mr Scott shouts as the camera starts rolling. “F*ckin’ kookaburra’s goin’ the snake outta’ the weep hole … It’s on like Donkey Kong.”

At first, the kookaburra looks as though it may have run out of puff as the snake tightens its grip.

“The kookaburra’s goin’ down hill. He’s got him,” Mr Scott says.

“F*ckin’ David Attenborough at his finest here.”

But the tide quickly turns and, as usual, the kookaburra gets the last laugh.

“It’s on again!,” Mr Scott shouts. “Kookie’s got him. Right on!”

“Kookie’s just chewin him up for lunch, wearin’ him like a bib.

“F*ckin’ kookaburra’s swallowin’ him and the snake’s just stranglin’ him.

“Kookie’s definitely me favourite. Go kookie!

“F*ckin’ snake for lunch, thank you very much.

“You’re f*cked now chief – night, night!”

Speaking to myGC, Mr Scott said he has never seen a battle quite like it, despite growing up in the bush.

“Only when I watch David Attenborough,” he laughed.

The 27-year-old said the battle went on for about half-an-hour before the bird flew away with the snake.

“It went on for like 30 minutes but I had to stop recording and get back to work,” he said.

“The bird won – I saw it fly off with the snake, proud as punch.

“I was annoyed I didn’t get the bird taking off with it on camera. That would of made it.”

Mr Scott was born and raised in the small town of Junee, in country NSW and only moved to the Gold Coast four years ago.

In his short time on the Coast, the tradie said he’s seen more snakes here in the city than he had during his entire time in the country.

“I ride a mountain bike and I have seen more snakes here than I ever have in the bush,” he said.

“I have seen a snake every day for the last few days.”