Gold Coast businesses devastated by September border closures

Gold Coast tourism operators are fuming that the Premier won’t budge on border restrictions for at least another month, saying it will devastate their businesses.

Premier Annastacia Palasczuk confirmed yesterday that New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria will be kept out of the state for at least the month of September, with the Chief Health Officer advising there’s still too much community transmission to risk it.

The decision means a lot of tourism businesses will miss out on southern tourists for the September holiday period, a further hit to their bottom lines.


Aquaduck Owner Sarah Colgate has told Sunrise it’s just devastating news.

“The spring holidays are really domestic. Lots of people from Melbourne, Sydney, South Australia, and so forth.

“So, it will be devastating. We are already down 77% on last year. So we will basically have no trade, unless it is local people from Gold Coast, Brisbane, South East Queensland that come.

“For tourism, we feel like we have left out of the equation. We employ many Queenslanders and will I don’t know if there are many people who are Queenslanders who have brought COVID back into Queensland.

“We really just need some customers. That is all we are asking for. We need some help and we need some customers,” Ms Colgate said.

While the Premier has again come under fire from leaders in New South Wales over the closures.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro says it’s ridiculous that Queensland will let AFL officials into the state, but not residents from northern New South Wales.

“How can you justify officials from Melbourne for an AFL Grand Final announcement and the AFL Grand Final, and the finals themselves, out of the one area that we know that coronavirus has community spread like we have never seen anywhere in this nation and yet that young couple we spoke about last week, other examples of that happen each and every day,” he told The Today Show this morning.

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“So I don’t get it. I don’t understand why the Premier of Queensland can’t see it. Show some heart. Show some ability to understand the impact this is having and understand that that Queensland border is a seamless border.

“Health services are delivered in NSW for Queenslanders and vice versa.

“It has become now a bit of a joke that these borders are becoming a real problem for those communities that live on those borders.

“This is not about just Queensland verse NSW. It is not State of Origin, it is about people,” Mr Barilaro told The Today Show.

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I am also a tourism operator on the GC, but I have to say the rush to open borders is incredibly short sighted of some. Look around the globe at the devastating impact of second waves and tell me again we should open for September holidays. These are the same people who crusaded for the borders to open during the lockdown, imagine if their grandstanding and moaning had of been successful, the GC would be in a similar tragic postion to Melbourne with no chance of being open before Xmas!
No need to rush the decision to open, too many lives (actual lives, not livihoods) depend on it.

Who says the border should stay closed are brainless, selfish and stupid. QLD will suffer for nearly a decade $$$ if it doesn’t stop. Gold Coast will be a ghost place with people desperate for jobs. Also they will need assistance from centrelink for years to come using tax payers money.

Last edited 9 months ago by Normann

Norman how short sighted of you – this is about savings lives!!!

Our Queensland economy is doing just fine with Queenslanders supporting the Queensland economy.

You do realise that Australia is offically in a reccession?

That is if Queensland still part of Australia ?

There is zero cases from coffs harbour to the qld border, so how would letting that area come up to contribute to the “economy” cost lives?? I think you’se need to pull your head out of your ass. Both states rely on each other to thrive. Especially in the south East qld and North nsw. No one seems to talk about the deaths from mental health caused by marriage breakdowns, loosing business’s, not being able to see children etc…then what effect do those same problems have on children’s mental health that don’t understand why mum or dad can’t come home or won’t come home. NSW needs QLD people that have special skills and Like it or not QLD also needs skills from NSW. If you guys have one more single case I reckon they should split your families up, make you stay away from your job or close your business and see how excited and happy you are after 8+weeks. But hey….let’s fly a heap of big knobs and their families up from a legit hot spot just for to have some bragging rights. Talk about short sited

The AFL grand final is a bit different to letting your average NSW family in a for a so called “holuday”.

All AFL teams wll be vetted and go into quaratine and the grand final will bring millions and millions of dollars into Queensland.

Plus we get to make history by being the first state to hold the AFL Grand final outside VIC.

who cares about the stupid afl crap , i’m stuck in nsw and cant drive back home to qld , to see my kids and mow me lawn for the last 6 months so puk u

I agree with our QLD premier – we need to keep our border sealed Until there are zero cases in NSW and VIC

If it means closed borders until 2021 then so be it – it’s about saving Queenslanders lives

we are all bloody australian

Sick of hearing the word Queenslanders there are other People in Australia other than you lot x

Fully agree . Stop blaming government and start blaming the people that arent taking this seriously like the people who have the virus and are not at home . Its people that are spreading the virus not the government . Double the time and fines for spreading the virus and keep our border closed until nsw and victoria get theres under controll .

I agree we need to keep our border closed until there are no cases in NSW and VIC – if it takes until 2021 then so bet it.

Like Jennifer Said this is about saving the life’s of Queenslanders and I believe our premier has done an amazing job!!!!!!!!!

plus she brought the AFL grand final to Queensland – which will bring millions of dollars to our state.

I agree with our premier Annastacia Palasczuk – we need to keep our borders sealed.

This is about saving life’s and until there is ZERO cases of community transmission in the southern states then I am all for keeping that border firmly shut (including Northern NSW communities).

There is just too much at stake – if we have just one case slip thru from a virus ridden NSW resident then thousands of us Queenslanders will be at risk of death.

I’m happy with the border being shut – this is about saving life’s guys

Life’s over $$$

Here come the comments from tweed residents about this so called outrage about Queenslanders closing its borders.

Sorry but I know I’m personally happy to our QLD borders closed for the foreseeable future – our economy is booming without the need for interstate visitors that have COVID-19

Keep the border closed until there are zero cases it’s quite simple

Keeping the boarders closed is stupid, closest hotspot is 1000km, And its said COVID will be here for years, are we going to be keeping them shut for years on end. Fact also more people are dying from Flu. No cure for AIDS either so a cure for COVID which at the last count had over 15 different mutations, people just need to get on with life. Of those few in QLD who have passed away, all the others have recovered.

Disgusting Comment Justin – how can you justify essentially mass murder?

So your saying we should just open up and let the virus in?

Queensland is essentially covid free because of our hard border measure – the vaccine will be arriving next year hopefully!!!

We just have to keep our state border closed until that vaccine arrives which is not too far of hopefully.

We will be back to our normal lives soon hopefully – until then i’m all for closed state borders!!!

Your reponse has alot of the word “hope” i notice.

You hope there is a vaccine, you hope to return to your normal life?

So your whole strategy on closed borders is a based on the “hope” of a vaccine?

Mass murder 😂 wow talk about mountain out of a mole hill…essentially covid free??? You either are or aren’t! And by looking at the couple of cases that have popped up up there over the past week, you my friend are a hotspot I would say 🤷‍♂️

Again though, deferring from the separated families issue again. The first permit system worked fine. QLD premier got to still feel as though it was her show but families and businesses didn’t get destroyed…..and hey minimal transmission there, kinda like now 🤔

I agree with you Justin. My children haven’t seen their dad in over 5 months because he lives in QLD and I live NSW in an area where we have had no cases of covid 19 for over 131 days. My children are not coping, I am finding poems where my eldest daughter is talking self harm and I don’t recognise both my older daughter’s anymore, they are acting out in anger, emotional crying at a drop of a hat, lashing out at me and their other siblings, swearing. Complete change in personality and yes I and the kids are seeing a physiologist. But they need to see their dad. I can only imagine how he is feeling as well.

Agree – let’s pray for that vaccine to arrive!

I want to see my sister in Byron – so hopefully that vaccine will be ready in a few months

I am agree and i think the majority of Queenslanders also agree – keep that border sealed.

We can’t afford to have people from NSW (a state full of Covid-19) coming to Queensland.

This is about saving lifes and my fellow NSW residents your welcome to Queensland once a vaccine has been found!!!

Do your bloody research. The whole state is not ful, of covid 19. A small portion of NSW is. I live in mid north coast of NSW. From your border to coffs harbour, we have been covid 19 free for almost 131 days. And fyi most of your outbreaks have been from queenslanders not declaring the correct information on their border passes, not interstate travellers. Food for thought.

You are Australian first and foremost. All ConVid19 has proved is how hateful and narrow minded some have become.
Pathetic. And we dare judge China and other nations on their human rights abuses. Enjoy your isolation fools. The way things are heading you will be begging for the reopening of borders eventually…..but we won’t forget today nor the selfish injustice you sheep have spewed out. Fools.

spot on mate , they are all selfish

The problem with opinions is there influenced by your current circumstances. Sure if you’re lively hood is not affected, your family all reside in the one state, you have no need to cross for any particular reason, your going to say, keep them shut it’s awesome! If you need them open because your lively hood is being affected, you have family over the border what ever your reason your going to say open them it’s destroying us! Bottom line is, covid is potentially NEVER going away so keeping those borders closed until there’s ZERO transmission is over kill, places with zero cases still end up with cases and will continue to end up with cases! wait for the vaccine you say..we don’t even know if the vaccine will work to the degree everyone’s hoping. Opening them with changing restrictions managing hotspots and flare ups is the only working solution, blocking the whole state is stupid and can’t be the ongoing answer! those saying keep them shut until there’s zero transmission are being completely and utterly unreasonable and I’d wager your life is simply not affected or put out at all by it’s closure.

Queensland should be more worried about the obesity epidemic and dying of type 2diabetes and heart disease than this virus . The politicians and the media have caused mass hysteria, and have not given the people unbiased facts. This virus kills the elderly and people with pre existing medical conditions. These people should be protected, if the thousands of people in Australia who have tested positive have come through OK why are we destroying our country . There will be many more deaths from suicide and other medical conditions than this virus . Wake up Australia.

I agree – how come A Current Affair or 60 minutes don’t show us the thousands of cases that have recovered an had very minor symptoms in addtion to the serve cases for a more balance view.

Based on the comments here – it appears there alot of mindless sheep – what happended to the Australian Larrakin and common sense approach?

Have we lost our way?

That premier of Queensland has created a divide and a tribe mentality of a “us” vs the rest of Australia and the comments on here are a direct reflection of that

and cannot wait to vote her out in October

If i hear the whole “this is about saving lives” arugment one more time – i’m going to scream!!!!!

Well scream away. Why has the human race become so damn selfish with their want,want,want. A lot of the older people dying with covid19 lived in air raid shelters with gas masks on for 5 to ten years in ww2. People today won’t isolate themselves for 2 weeks to save OTHER peoples lives. I Suppose isolation for 2 weeks or following health authorities orders to wear masks may mean that some idiotic people won’t be able to queue up for days to get the latest I-pad. Thank God I am at the latter end of my life because I really don’t want to live with the totally selfish me, me, me people that I have to live with. Society is not in the slightest bit a society when it is over run by selfish people. I just hope that we never have another world war because all these stupid people screaming they have RIGHTS not to do this and not to do that.. may just have to decide that they won’t fight to save their fellow man OR EVEN THEIR OWN FAMILIES. Good luck with that


As much as we would like to open the borders – this is about saving lives and protecting our Queensland economy and the health of Queenslanders from this deadly virus.

Unless there is a vaccine or if there is zero cases of community spread in NSW or VIC then i don’t see us opening anytime soon.

I think most Queensladers are okay with this – it’s a small price to pay to preserve life.

No most Qlders are not alright with this. Speak for yourself.

Geez so many here drinking Premier Jeannette Young’s cool aide. “We are saving lives”. What a crock. Most survive this thing. Protect the elderly and sick and let’s get on with life so we can afford to pay the pensions and dole money of those this doesn’t effect that advocate for border closures. How long do you think your self funded retiree funds are going to last with no businesses making a profit. We haven’t seen the real impact of this yet but we will when job keeper stops.

I was with the QLD premier every step of the way concerning border closures…….but now I feel totally disgusted with her allowing 400 people from Melbourne into QLD…. I can see now that every descission she has made is political. Now I could understand anyone who jumps the border. Ashamed to be a Queenslander.

Last edited 9 months ago by Robert K

This argument could go on forever. I am stating that I want the borders to stay closed TO KEEP QUEENSLANDERS SAFE. To allow 400 footballers and families and hangers on from the hotspot of MELBOURNE into our state is NOT keeping us safe. To refuse entry of people with serious medical issues that in turn die, is not humane…..Well weigh it up, I was fooled into thinking that the premier was keeping borders closed for US but it’s obviously been totally political on her behalf and WILL BE HER UNDOING POLITICALLY not that I care who’s in power. Don’t care what you say. No one could seriously say that her letting in 400 footballers is an option at this time. I suppose the next thing that will happen a week before the game, will be to stop all social distancing so we can fill the stadium up. Look at everywhere in the world….. large crowds spread the virus……. Do we really want to be another Melbourne?

Robert calls himself a “queenslander” yeah right

Why would you be ashamed of a policy that has saved thousands and thousands of Queensland lives.

Queensladers come first Mate!

Disgusting Robert – so what do you propose then we open the borders and lets thousands of virus ridden NSW residents into our great state?

The 400 people is so that Queensland can have a boost to our economy it bring in millions and they all have temporary permits to enter Queensland.

It’s a bit diffirent to say your average NSW family who wants to come to our state in Queensland for some so called holiday.

Pull your head in – this is about saving lives!!!!

And Queenslanders need some entertainment which is our AFL Grand final.

Our premier has done an amazing job and the majority of queenslanders back her all the way.

Robert you know the door – how about you leave and live in one of the virus states like NSW or VIC

wow. you are a truly wonderful AUSTRALIAN.

Our premier has done an amazing job – saved many lives of Queenslanders and we have a booming economy – just look at Burleigh or Palm beach cafes are full and there is plenty of jobs available now that we are covid free.

she has my vote – i’m with her on closed borders – like she has said us Queenslanders must come first!!!

australians Katherine

The only people disagreeing with our premier is non queenslanders – but who cares they don’t live in our state and they certainly don’t pay taxes to support OUR STATE.

What is wrong with putting us queenslanders first – why all the hate against Queenslanders on here?

It’s our state, our government, our people and like our premier has rightly said our hospitals and health care system

If we Queenslanders won’t to be protected from a deadly virus – we reserve every right to shut other interstate Australians.

Queensland first – Australia second!

your as weird as those wa people , wakeup its australia !

If the rich and famous were not getting into queensland I would agree with the government and keep borders closed. However when the borders can be overcome with celebrity and/or money and the Qld CHO admits this to be the case, you must start considering if the border closure (?!) is just a selfish election tactic. I believe that with proper procedures in place to protect the vulnerable in our community and with good contact tracing, there is minimal danger. I also have reservations about the hotel quarantine situation. Testing can rule out a person having ths virus within the week and yet they will be forced to pay thousands of dollars for the two weeks quarantine accommodations at a hotel of the government’s choice (and how were these hotels decided on?). It all has the reek of under table deals and utter corruption.

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