Gold Coast businessman finally returns from Dubai

A former Chevron Island businessman, who spent five years stuck in Dubai fighting a legal battle, is finally back on home soil.

Marcus Lee was accused of fraud over a botched land deal with developer Sunland.

He and his wife were greeted by family, friends and the media at Sydney Airport and Mr Lee said he is glad the ordeal is over.


“I wasn’t just once acquitted in Dubai on appeal, I was acquitted three times from the outset,” he said.

“It was very clear from early on that I was just doing my job and that was found in all judgments.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve been caught up in the middle of a grubby dispute between a lot of self interested property developers.”

Mr Lee will seek damages for suffering, including the nine months he spent in prison.

His lawyer, John Sneddon, worked pro bono and said he knew from the start his client was innocent.

“The case has always been one about helping a fellow Australian and I knew that I had the skills to assist and I couldn’t turn my back on them simply because they couldn’t afford to pay me, it was just far too important,” said Mr Sneddon.