Gold Coast cancer victim renews plea for help

GOLD Coast cancer sufferer Stacey Jaundrell has issued a public plea for help after finding out her surgery would be delayed again.

The 31 year old mother of five has a form of cancer of the Appendix, called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, she received her diagnosis in July 2013.

Recently she had stories air on television, focussing on how long she has had to wait for an operation at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.


A petition has been drawn up and can be found on Facebook.

Stacey said she received a call from her surgeon, telling her he hates to do this, but has to cancel until next month, March, as someone else has come up as a priority.

While she said she understands these listings, she questioned why she was a priority in December when she was booked and even attended pre admission for over five hours only to be cancelled in the week before surgery and after seeing pre admission for the third time.

She claimed to have letters from Premier Campbell Newman and Lawrence Springborg, acknowledging problems she has had with the hospital and her surgery date which was then set for February 19.

Stacey initially approached the media, saying that was the only way she managed to get tests to start with.

She said “I am suffering from a rare cancer, my condition is getting worse while I wait for treatment in a public hospital, and yet again I am postponed until next month”.

Ms Jaundrell remained wary and said “I don’t know if i will get my surgery as in the past my procedures have been cancelled”.