Gold Coast celeb upset at attacks over the ILS

GOLD Coast identity Liz Cantor has explained the reasoning behind her decision to pull out of an awareness campaign launched by Airport executives.

The former winner of reality TV show The Mole in 2005, has been appearing in commercials designed to draw some attention to the Instrument Landing System planned for Coolangatta.

Liz said the “intention was purely in not telling anyone to be for and against at all, it was just to have the correct information and the correct facts to make a decision”.


“So the reaction from some of these anti-ILS campaigners was actually really unexpected” Ms Cantor said.

She said one person approached her during a Sunday afternoon beach walk with her dog and told her it would be her “fault” if the ILS was installed.

Liz has since pulled out of the campaign, saying she did not want her perspective of the Gold Coast to change and she “didn’t want to be walking my dog and looking over my shoulder just because of an opinion”.

A Gold Coast group taking a stand against the Instrument Landing System planned for the airport, has reacted angrily to the story.

Ian Timmins has responded to claims in the Bulletin that “abusive anti-ILS protestors have forced Gold Coast Airport to withdraw part of its education campaign for the system amid concerns for its celebrity spokeswoman”.

He said as one of the organisers of the initial community meeting to object to the installation of an ILS landing system and its associated flight path, I have been appalled at the attack and particularly by the “over-the top” editorial.

Mr Timmins claimed that the editorial demonises anybody objecting to the ILS proposal, using such words as “ rabid “ and “ dishonest “.

He continued with “what we cannot understand is why the airport is still promoting the proposal in the press given that the submission period has ended. They are even conducting a phone poll, and Airservices Australia ( AA ) refuse to tell us what that is for”.

Mr Timmins contacted AA about the poll on Monday, and the response he received on Tuesday was in part,”Airservices Australia are not conducting any surveys in relation to the proposal to install an ILS at Gold Coast Airport”.

The response went on to say “Gold Coast Airport have advised that they have commissioned a research company to conduct a phone poll of the Gold Coast community”.

And “I have forwarded your email to the Gold Coast Airport to respond“.

Mr Timmins said he doubted he would hear from the Airport.