Gold Coast City Council unsure when M1 upgrades will get underway

The Gold Coast City Council is urging the State Government to hurry up with M1 improvements as motorists and businesses suffer.

Acting Mayor Donna Gates said the Palaszczuk Government need to get moving as no one knows when the Coomera Connector will be complete.

“I have no update at all, other than the update that the section of land has been gazetted,” she said.


“I think it’s time for the Federal Government to come on board and perhaps make a contribution.

“I know there’s always a fight on whether they should be in 80 per cent or 50 per cent but something needs to be done.”

Reports show local businesses on the Northern parts of the Gold Coast are suffering due to the poor traffic conditions on the M1.

“There’s a huge loss in productivity because people are sitting in their cars rather than getting to their place of work, we need to Coomera connector designed and delivered,” Cr Gates said.