Gold Coast coffee shop throws support behind Guatemala Volcano survivors

For the month of July, a local Gold Coast coffee shop is donating 100% of profits from the sale of their Single Origin Guatemalan Renacimiento coffee to support the survivors of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano eruption.

The Fuego volcano erupted on June 3 and is the most violent eruption to hit Guatemala in four decades, affecting 1.7 million people in central Guatemala.

So far, the eruption has claimed the lives of 116 people and blanketed thousands of coffee crops in the region in ash and soot.


Because coffee accounts for 40% of agricultural exports in Guatemala, Paradox Coffee Roasters in Surfers Paradise is vowing to donate 100% of profits from the sale of their Single Origin Guatemalan Renacimiento coffee to provide food, water, and support to the local community as they help the survivors recover and rebuild.

“We believe in supporting and caring for the communities where we source our coffee” General Manager of Paradox Coffee Roasters Darren Langen said.

“We’re grateful for the support of our Gold Coast community and together we can help those who have been affected by the Fuego volcano eruption”.

Paradox Coffee Roasters Shop

PHOTO: Supplied by Paradox Coffee Roasters

Mr Langen said the Single Origin Guatemalan Renacimiento coffee is also unique as it is sourced by the Guatemala Renacimiento cooperative which is run exclusively by 68 women.

“We’re inspired by what the women of the Guatemalan cooperative have achieved, and we are proud to source our coffee from this cooperative,” he said.

The Single Origin Guatemalan coffee has a fragrant cherry and toffee aroma with tastes of sweet chocolate, a raspberry acidity and creamy mouth feel.