Gold Coast Cops Set To Air

POPULAR US reality series ‘Cops’ is serving as the basis for a Gold Coast based show that will soon hit Australian airwaves.

The series, titled ‘Gold Coast Cops‘ is an ‘observational’ program, set to follow and cover the day to day running of Gold Coast’s Rapid Action Patrol (RAP) team.

Superintendent Jim Keogh told the Brisbane Times that he hopes the program shows his team as true locals as well as cops.


“Hopefully it portrays them as not just coppers on the beat but community people who live locally and breath the same air.”

The RAP team was established in response to the bikie brawl in Broadbeach in 2013.

Keogh says the team is unique because of its consistent approach to keeping the Gold Coast safe.

“They go out in a van, take their lunch and we don’t want to see them again for the rest of the day.”

The show will be on Channel 10 from next Monday.

Main image courtesy of the Brisbane Times.