Gold Coast council app helping crackdown on ‘graffiti grubs’

The cost of cleaning up graffiti on the Gold Coast has almost halved thanks to council’s savvy mobile app.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has praised residents for helping in the crackdown on “graffiti grubs”, which he says is largely due to the simplicity of using the app.

“In 2012, we spent around $1.2 million annually cleaning up graffiti,” he said.


“Now, we spend around half that. One of the key reasons is the use by the community of our City app.”

Mayor Tate said people can download the council app, take a photo of where the graffiti is, and upload it.

“Once they submit the photo, the work clean-up crews can get on to it straight away,” Mayor Tate said.

“These graffiti grubs want to see their tags left up on display for days but in this case, they are gone within a day or two.

“So the thrill is taken away and it appears to be working with our city the cleanest it has been for decades.”

To use the app, simply search for ‘City of Gold Coast’ in your mobile app store and hit download.

You can also report graffiti in your neighbourhood by calling the Graffiti Hotline on 07 5667 5974 or emailing