Gold Coast Council declares $2m war on mosquitoes

The city has significantly increased mozzie control efforts around the Gold Coast, to combat higher numbers of the pests at this time of year.

$2 million is spent annually to spray mozzie-killing chemicals in various suburbs of the Gold Coast, including Coomera, Ormeau, Arundel Hills and Parkwood to name a few.

Control measures also include improving city-wide drainage problems and employing natural strategies such as placing fish in known breeding lakes.


The recent warm and wet weather on the Gold Coast – including the rains brought about from cyclone season – has seen an increase of mosquitoes, particularly in the Northern suburbs.

Mayor Tom Tate says the Council will use every cent of their $2 million budget, to make sure they tackle the issue properly.

“As Winston Churchill said, we’ll fight them on the roads, in the streets, in the swamps and in the air, we’ll get them all,” Mayor Tate said.

The spraying treatment is weather dependant, with high winds significantly effecting how and when spraying can occur.

Though Mayor Tate says ‘we’re in it together’, and urges Gold Coasters to take their own measures to control the pest problem.

“If you’ve got vessels that are turned upwards, and its got water in there, it’s real simple, they will breed.

“Clean it, turn it over, and that will stop additional spread of mosquitoes,” Mayor Tate said.


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How can you leave Pacific Pines off the list. Brookman Oval is infested with Mosquitos thanks to the marshes at the back. Kids are gettin bitten alive while playing football (and the watching parents!). It has to be addressed!!!!

Please reconsider this. Putting tons of toxic chemicals into the environment is going to impact all insects. If it kills mosquitoes, it kills other insects, like bees too. We are already seeing insect populations across the world being decimated. It is a grave concern that should be taken seriously by councils. Rather focus on using natural strategies.