Gold Coast Council ‘disturbed’ by reports of dog attacks on kangaroos

Investigations are underway to try and identify the people involved in a disturbing kangaroo attack on the Gold Coast.

Police have confirmed they’re making enquiries, after a complaint was made that dogs had been trained to attack kangaroos in the Coombabah wetlands area.

They were initially notified early last week about the incident, in which a resident waded into waist deep water to try and split up an attack between two dogs and a kangaroo.


The man then said that when the kangaroo was freed, the dogs owners started swearing at him from the river bank.

Council was also notified of the incident last week, and has been working with the RSPCA to try and find the culprits.

If they’re found guilty of animal cruelty, they could face around $30,000 worth of fines.

Acting Mayor Donna Gates says it’s a horrible report, and that council is working with authorities to locate those responsible.

“Council is pursuing it, they’ve got some evidence, and they’ll be working with the RSPCA and the police.

Ms Gates says it isn’t a common report at all and it’s been pretty disturbing.

“This is the first incident of this nature that I’ve heard of.

“We want to remind people to keep their dogs on leash, unless they’re in a leash free zone.

“We’d like to call on the community to come forward and let us know of any thing like this that they see, the council animal control officers will definitely follow up immediately and take positive action to correct this,” Acting Mayor Gates said.