Gold Coast Council doubles down on transport and congestion

Mayor Tom Tate says he wants roads and transport infrastructure to be “one of my many legacies” as Council prepares to cut congestion on our roads and create a ferry system.

Council will spend $700 million over the next 12 years as they try to clear up the Gold Coast’s busiest spots.

The funding will be a baseline amount, which could be increased if required.


Council believes they’ll be able to do this without ratepayers bearing the brunt of the costs, and Mayor Tom is confident rates will remain around CPI.

“In the last seven years our rates have been around CPI,” he said.

“It’s everyone’s wishes that we work within our means.

“It’s about reprioritising, people want us to plan and work on our transport and roads – that’s where I’ll spend the money first.”

Mayor Tate has made cutting down the City’s debt a priority since beginning his mayoral tenure in 2012 and says this will should continue.

“I’ve budgeted, this year, for $20 million dollars reduction (from the city’s debt)and it’ll be around that figure,” he said.

“Don’t forget while reducing debt over the last seven years we’ve also been able to deliver the light rail stage two and HOTA stage one.

“All these things are happening while we’re reducing our debt.”

The Mayor said a ferry system is no longer in the “too hard basket”.

Council’s proposal included a 12-stop ferry system which uses solar-powered catamarans.

They would use utilise ready-made ports and infrastructure.

Mayor Tate said the program would tie in with traffic network and work seamlessly with the light rail and bus services.

“Political will is really strong with both tiers of government, and the infrastructure has been built,” he said.

“There’s not a lot left to be built.

“I think it would be very doable to go to tender in the near future.”