Gold Coast council election donations to be further probed

The Gold Coast City Council election will be further investigated by the  Crime and Corruption Commission.

The CCC is now asking for confidential submissions, relating to reports that several supposedly independent councillors were receiving financial backing from the Liberal National Party.

Allegations raised by the media were referred to the Electoral Commission, then they were passed on to the CCC and they began their investigation in July.


Federal Member for Fadden Stuart Robert donated $30,000 dollars from the Fadden Forum, to independent candidates Felicity Stevenson and Kristyn Boulton, who used to work for Mr Robert.

Mr Fadden has confirmed each received $30,000 for campaigning, but neither woman declared the donations before the election.

Ms Boulton won division four in March 2016.  Opponent, former Councillor Eddy Sarroff, also raised concerns about the amount donated to his rival by the LNP.

At a recent press conference on the Gold Coast, Mr Robert did his best to dodge questions which related to political donations.

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