Gold Coast Council proposing ‘left turn on red light’ to ease congestion

Being able to turn left on red lights could soon become a reality for Gold Coast motorists with City of Gold Coast today supporting the “congestion busting” initiative.

Gold Coast Council has also thrown its support behind ‘timed clearways’, an initiative which they say would get “cars moving on the road” at a “low cost to the community”.

“We’ve got existing pavement on our roads, much of it just sitting there being unused in peak hour,” Cr Cameron Caldwell said.


“Those areas can be used for congestion busting initiatives.”

Cr Caldwell recommended the busy Marine Parade at Southport would be the ideal location to trial the clearways.

“I think Marine Parade at Southport during the recreational peak would be a wonderful way to see
us get cars moving on our roads,” he said.

“We’ve seen this in Capital Cities, but why not use it here in the City of Gold Coast.”

Cr Pauline Young said City of Gold Coast wants to explore “every avenue that’s going to help with congestion on our roads” – one of them being left turn on red signals.

“We trialed it back in 2013 at three intersections with great results,” she said.

“We’re now wanting to trial it further as the Coast becomes busier and busier.”

Cr Young said they’re now waiting on feedback from State Government to get a further trial in place.

“As a Council, we want to explore relieving our congestion so lets work together to make sure our traffic is moving more freely.”

What are your thoughts, would you like to see timed clearways and turn left on red light signals on the Gold Coast? Let us know in the comment section below…

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why was the free left turn taken away from the front of Southport BMW? Now traffic waiting for pedestrians to cross holds up all traffic going straight? more free real estate for a ‘friend of the council’ at the cost to congestion? i dunno, seems weird to me.
why was smith street three lanes not extended to bottleneck that’s been there for YEARS? the top of the hill on the industrial park onramp. merging traffic + slowly accelerating trucks = congestion. let them merge after the crest of the hill. this banks up for miles everyday! let people get home after work!
why have a street level pedestrian crossing on cnr smith street at napper road? force them to use the overpass and don’t let a single pedestrian hold up so many others travelling in cars. Don’t get me started on Google Maps red traffic areas around the tram lines.
Smarter decisions before implementing ‘progressive change’ would be much appreciated.

YES to “Gold Coast Council proposing ‘left turn on red light’ to ease congestion”

Turn left on red. Come on Gold Coast and implement the law to keep traffic moving especially when road traffic is light. Been proven overseas!!