Gold Coast Council ramps up war on street parking for ‘big rigs’

Gold Coast Council has escalated works to get large boats, caravans and trailers off our streets, due to various safety issues.

It comes after multiple serious incidents on our roads, due to limited visibility around large vehicles.

While it’s not currently illegal – under state government laws – to park vehicles under 7.5 metres long on the street, Council is hoping to change it with a new local law.


It means owners could face fines for parking their vehicles on the streets for extended periods of time.

Deputy Mayor Donna Gates told Flan, Emily Jade and Christo that Council needs to do more to prevent some of the serious incidents that occur.

“A child was seriously injured out at Highland Reserve from a big box trailer that was parked.

“You know it impacts on both the driver and the pedestrian, especially children.

“He couldn’t see behind the trailer, the car couldn’t see him, and he ended up quite seriously injured,” Deputy Mayor Gates said.

A transport committee meeting agreed to fast track a report before Christmas to try and introduce a new local law.

“We have list of plans for future reports, and it had been too long coming.

“At last week’s committee we just escalated it, so that we get something done about this.

“There’s too many big rigs on the street, that are blocking people’s vision,” Deputy Mayor Gates said.

Boats, trailers and caravans may instead be forced to be stored in other facilities, if the new local laws get passed.

“If they can afford a big boat, then they can afford to store it properly.

“It’s not just toys, it’s the bulky box trailers, its the big rigs, it’s the b-doubles,

“I mean they should be in storage facilities if they’re not in use,” Deputy Mayor Gates said.


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Uh yeah just ‘fine’ everyone for everything. Bigotry at its best here on the GC. Hence the lack of safe roads. Bigger pay rises for council, less for the ratepayers who need it. No surprises here when it’s somebody else’s fault and not the council’s bad planning.

I’m sorry but bigotry doesent apply to “people who own certain things”. It applies to people who are being target for something out of their control. s**uality, ethnicity, illness/handicaps. If you own a boat and park it on the street, that’s irresposible. And a choice. You aren’t facing prejudice. Your facing the consequence of your actions

I’m all for it. There’s a guy round the corner who parks his boat and trailer on the streets and it sticks out halfway into the road. Not mention boat owners are deluded in their own right anyway. a step above jetski owners but still pretty low on the scale of necessity.

I agree, very dangerous and sad to see people getting hurt because others don’t care for anyone else bet themselves. We have a b-double parked on street or sticking out of driveway near our house too.

We were happy to have our caravan in our driveway and off the street until a neighbour complained that the drawbar was 30cm over the nature strip of OUR property. Now all the neighbours have to look at the caravan on the street, it wasn’t an inconvenience to anyone previously!!

When I was a child, I was taught not to cross the road near parked cars…This appears to be either…
A knee j*** reaction to an avoidable but unfortunate accident.
An excuse to glean yet more tax from hard working residents.

Of course it’s a knee j*** reaction that’s what councils and governments do best.

So with the 31,000 recreationally registered boats on the Gold Coast alone, not to mention the number of carvans and box trailers etc, where does Donna Gates expect everyone to find a spot in a storage facilty – Mount Isa perhaps?

Many tourists rent holiday houses and units on the GC and bring their boats – they won’t come now if they are going to be fined. There were 692 competitors in this year’s Flathead Classic alone – where will they store their boats?

All that is going to happen is that people will be forced to sell their boat or caravan, flooding the second hand market and driving prices down. It will decimate the thriving marine industry on the Gold Coast (marine mechanics, bait & tackle stores, chandleries, boat & jetski shops, etc) forcing many to close.
It will also destroy hundreds of lawn and garden maintenance businesses too.

Well done Gold Coast City Council, very well thought out!

Yes I agree that the council needs to act.. We have a work trailer park outside our premises everyday which belongs to a person across the road.. It interferes with the traffic flow plus interferes with our vision into & out of our driveway… a serious accident waiting to happen… as our street is a bad sweaping corner with a t-intersection. Plus there is a boat 2 doors up the road that caurse the same problems.

I have often wondered why the Gold Coast Council still allows developers to build high rise apartments with only one car space per unit. All is needed is the builder to dig just a little deeper and create the extra space required. The cost could be shared by developers and owners.

Well why don’t you jump up and down about the illegal parking of vehicles and trailers etc that illegally park in and across driveways ? Qld it states vehicles are prohibited in illegally parking in and across driveways blocking them. But I do not see police or Councils enforcing those laws ever. I know someone who illegally parks blocking their own driveway as well as their neighbours driveways on daily basis. They have plenty of room in their front yard for their 3 vehicles and trailer.

Hey!! Fair s*** on the sav mate.. what about people who illegally park in kerb sides across driveways for extended periods of time ? Why aren’t they getting fined for illegal parking? I know someone who illegally parks for long extended periods of times 24 days 7 days per week and police and council do not act on those legit complaints. he owns 2 personal vehicles and drives a work company ute which all of them park illegally on the road even worse when his Trailer is overhanging the footpath where an elderly person or child could run into it and cause possible injury.

This precise complaint I’ve made about big 4wd Utes regularly obstructing my driveway.
I can not see oncoming cars and cyclists as I exit as a result.
Council and police are not interested despite my repeated requests for enforcement notices.
In fact, in a couple of calls to council, they advised the law permits cars to partially park across your driveway (*it does NOT allow it).
These tenured council officers are unaccountable and uninterested in serving residents.
They prefer to get the big easy dollars at the shopping centres making the days of rushed shoppers miserable than protecting the amenity of actual residents and caring for road user safety.

* Regulation 198(2) of the Transport Operations (RUMRR) Regulation states: “A driver must not stop on or across a driveway or other way of access for vehicles travelling to or from adjacent land”.

Miami resident

Camper trailer parked on footpath 87 Dawn Parade.
Reported it Division 12 Councillor 10 days ago.
Camper trailer is still parked on the footpath.