Gold Coast Council ramps up war on street parking for ‘big rigs’

Gold Coast Council has escalated works to get large boats, caravans and trailers off our streets, due to various safety issues.

It comes after multiple serious incidents on our roads, due to limited visibility around large vehicles.

While it’s not currently illegal – under state government laws – to park vehicles under 7.5 metres long on the street, Council is hoping to change it with a new local law.


It means owners could face fines for parking their vehicles on the streets for extended periods of time.

Deputy Mayor Donna Gates told Flan, Emily Jade and Christo that Council needs to do more to prevent some of the serious incidents that occur.

“A child was seriously injured out at Highland Reserve from a big box trailer that was parked.

“You know it impacts on both the driver and the pedestrian, especially children.

“He couldn’t see behind the trailer, the car couldn’t see him, and he ended up quite seriously injured,” Deputy Mayor Gates said.

A transport committee meeting agreed to fast track a report before Christmas to try and introduce a new local law.

“We have list of plans for future reports, and it had been too long coming.

“At last week’s committee we just escalated it, so that we get something done about this.

“There’s too many big rigs on the street, that are blocking people’s vision,” Deputy Mayor Gates said.

Boats, trailers and caravans may instead be forced to be stored in other facilities, if the new local laws get passed.

“If they can afford a big boat, then they can afford to store it properly.

“It’s not just toys, it’s the bulky box trailers, its the big rigs, it’s the b-doubles,

“I mean they should be in storage facilities if they’re not in use,” Deputy Mayor Gates said.