Gold Coast council rules out dumping recycling

The City of Gold Coast has revealed it will not follow Ipswich council and dump its waste recycling program.

Ipswich City Council yesterday cancelled its recycling operations, saying it had become too costly for the city to manage due to China’s import ban on recycling and the rising level of contaminated rubbish in yellow bins.

Gold Coast Division 10 councillor Paul Taylor told myGC the Gold Coast had no intention of stopping its recycling operations or collections.


“The city’s recycling contract is not as affected as other councils, with only 5-10 percent of recycled waste [previously] sold to China by them. Therefore the impact has been far lower,” he said.

“Council has set a floor limit contract, meaning the contractor had to absorb such changes in the market. This contract also has over two years to go.”

On January 1, China stopped accepting 24 categories of solid waste, disrupting the export of more than 600,000 tonnes of material out of Australia each year.

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Here’s an idea – why not recycle locally?

Not only does it keep the Gold Coast environmentally friendly, but it would also create jobs, lots of jobs if it’s as much effort as they reckon to sort the recycle rubbish that comes in… It’s not like the Gold Coast doesn’t have loads of land inland that can use.

Besides, the recycle process should get easier in the future – it was in the news today that scientists “accidentally” created a bacteria which eats recycle rubbish (quickly too, apparently)… That would solve all the recycle problems.