Gold Coast Council says ‘no’ to ocean pools

The idea of the Gold Coast having ocean pools was pretty short lived, with Council quick to axe a renewed push for the coastline attractions.

They’d been put forward again to provide safer swimming opportunities for tourists, especially in the wake of three drownings in the last week.

A recent report delivered to council found that the cost of installing just one pool would cost about $10 million.


But maintenance costs were also a major expense, requiring $200,000 every year. Plus, the pool would only last about 20 years.

Transport and Infrastructure Committee boss Pauline Young says the cost was certainly one thing, but there were other contributing factors to the committee giving the big ‘no’.

“A big part of it is the topography of the Gold Coast city coastline as opposed to Sydney, Sydney’s got a lot of coves which is where most of these ocean pools are.

“We’ve got very open beaches, beaches that are affected by wave impacts, so at this stage, with the reports that we’ve received, it’s not something that the city’s going to be progressing with into the future.

“We’ve done an independent assessment with RPS, we also did an assessment with our council officers, and currently with the report that’s come forward we won’t be progressing forward at this stage,” Ms Young said.

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Thats a bit crap, bad excuse, I would have finally had a reason to go to a beach 🙁

We need to vote this council out, need someone who is going to move with the times and stop listening to the greenies! No pools no cruise ship terminals, get moving you idiots and create a better Gold Coast.

$10 million to build a wall!
$200k per annum to maintain!
Obviously you are paying way to much for services.
No wonder the state is broke.

Spot on absolute crap

If you spent 10% of the money you spent on cruise ship terminal exploration you could have built sea pools and they would be used by locals and tourist who fear the ocean particularly during heavy seas .
Not to mention the amount of money being spent on dredging the Broadwater to accommodate his rich yacht mates .

Spot on

We have swimming enclosures in the Broadwater, as well as Tallebudgera and Currumbin Creeks available to swim in if you don’t want the waves.

Last edited 4 months ago by Laura

It’s is not the same as the pools nothing like it

The caravan park is the only one and for park residents only.
Where are the others?

Absolute rubbish. They have been on all Sydney beaches for decades. Safe wat to swim. Most Sydney beaches are not as rough as the open ones here it’s some concrete to build it up and railings if needed. Pathetic excuse. The drownings and rough conditions on Surfers Beaches these would stop drowning gs