Gold Coast Council to hand down City budget today

Gold Coast City Council will hand down its annual budget this morning, confirming just how much extra ratepayers will have to fork out.

Roads, parks and beaches are expected to be a major focus of the 2022-23 budget.

Residents are also being warned to brace for the biggest rate rise in a decade, but it will still be below inflation.


It’s understood the rate increase will be in the “low four per cent” range.

Mayor Tom Tate has admitted that Council is not immune from surging prices.

“Diesel going up, inflation is going up, food costs and all the rising cost of living pressures, I understand all of that, but unfortunately those costs also impact on council operations as well,” the Mayor said.

For the past decade, city rates have remained at or below CPI.

“As well as maintaining our low rates mantra, I want to ensure frontline services like parks, roads, libraries, community centres and waste transfer facilities are improved,” Mayor Tate said.

“It’s a tough ask in this environment as Council, like the wider community, is also being impacted by rising fuel and supply costs.”

It will be the first budget for new CEO Tim Baker.

The current City Budget is $1.83 billion.