Gold Coast Council to mandate COVID vaccines for workers

Gold Coast City Council workers have been informed they have until February 15 next year to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Council announced the proposed vaccination mandate on Thursday, just days after the State Government made the jab mandatory for workers in education, early childhood, corrections, youth justice and airport settings.

City of Gold Coast says the policy position will now be subject to consultation with unions and staff for the next month or so.


The adoption of the policy will then be considered in mid-January based on consideration of the feedback received.

Acting CEO Joe McCabe said the city was required by Queensland’s health and safety laws to ensure the health and safety of its workers, as well as all other members of the community.

“As we know, COVID-19 can be a very serious illness, especially for the vulnerable people in the community,” Mr McCabe said.

“There is no doubt that staff will be at real risk of exposure due to the nature of the work they perform.”

As the borders reopen, Mr McCabe said it was vital that Council’s 4000-strong workforce was protected by being fully vaccinated.

“Vaccination is an important step to help our staff and the broader community to reduce the risk of COVID-19,” he said.

“Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is one of the best ways to protect us from getting very sick or dying and vaccines have also been shown to help reduce the virus spreading.”

Mr McCabe said the City would provide unvaccinated staff with “encouragement” and “every opportunity to get vaccinated by the proposed date of 15 February by offering paid leave and convenient pop-up clinics”.

Staff and unions have been notified of the proposal, with consultation now underway.