Gold Coast Council to release full Bruce Bishop sale report

The Gold Coast City Council has confirmed they will release the report detailing the $48 million dollar sale of the Bruce Bishop carpark.

The Mayor said he’d like to release the report “as soon as possible” and hopes it will be released today or tomorrow.

The timing is in the hands of Council CEO Dale Dickson.


Cr Tate has accused people of “twisting the truth” about the sale of the transit centre.

He added the sale for $48 million is a good deal that benefits the Council in years to come.

“Another 740 car spaces will be given back to the city, as well as subleasing, and all the other leases stay in place,” he said.

“When you add other liability to your property it changes the price, the best price we could get is the $48 million as it’s maintained as a car park.”

“Anyone who says it’s worth $100 million should bring that valuation to the table, are they comparing apples for apples?

“I bet you they aren’t.”