UPDATE: Police declare ‘no breach’ by infected Gold Coast man at hospital

EARLIER @ 9.45 AM | Gold Coast police have denied that they’re involved in an investigation at the University Hospital, following reports the Covid-positive man tried to leave his room.

There were reports that the 36-year-old, who’s been receiving treatment for Covid-19 since Thursday, made an attempt to leave the hospital yesterday.

Police have released the following statement, declaring there’s no such investigation underway.


It also says that hospital security is largely a matter for Queensland Health.

“Police are not investigating an incident at a health facility on the Gold Coast,” the statement reads.

“Around 9am yesterday police were called to a health facility due to a minor disturbance.

“The matter was resolved quickly and without any issue.

“There was no breach of a Public Health Direction detected.

“Hospital security is a matter for Queensland Health.”

Queensland Health has declared there’s been ‘no risk’, in a brief statement late this morning.

“There is no risk to the public or staff,” it reads.

“All patients isolating in COVID-19 wards are required to stay in their rooms until they are discharged.”

EARLIER @ 8.00 AM | A Gold Coast man who sparked the city’s latest COVID-19 scare has reportedly tried to escape the virus ward at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Duran Raman is allegedly under police guard in hospital after sparking the security scare overnight, but police are yet to confirm any details.

It comes as authorities reveal the 36-year-old’s condition is improving after testing positive last week.

He’s now understood to be in a stable condition but is still displaying symptoms of the virus.

The unvaccinated rideshare driver, who remains under investigation for allegedly breaching border rules, has been so unwell officials have been unable to gather any information from him.

He is believed to have acquired the virus while on a recent trip to Sydney and Melbourne, with mystery surrounding how he managed to cross the border back into Queensland without going into quarantine.

Investigations are continuing, but no charges or fines have been laid.

No further cases have been linked to the man.