Gold Coast crime up since introduction of anti-bikie laws, says criminologist

CRIME on the Gold Coast has increased since the Queenland Government’s anti-bikie laws were introduced, says a local criminologist.

Earlier this month, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie told the Brisbane Times there had been a significant reduction in armed robberies and assaults on the glitter strip since the laws were introduced last year.

“Statistically we have seen major armed assaults, armed robberies on the GC reduced by some 43 per cent, we’ve seen a reduction on personal assaults of 25 per cent,” he said.


“These are firm but fair laws and they are working.”

However, Bond University Criminologist and former police detective Dr Terry Goldsworthy said there had not been a reduction Gold Coast crime overall.

“Comparing September through to January this year, and the laws were enacted back in September, there’s actually been a 12 per cent increase in crime,” he told the ABC.

“You may have certain small crime categories decreasing, but the plain graph sitting in front of me here on the computer that anyone can look at, shows crime has increased.

“If you look at the myPolice website from September to now, it clearly hasn’t reduced at all.”