Gold Coast dad to invest all his $549K Lotto win

A Gold Coast man has skipped his usual Monday morning routine today, with the news he’s just won over half a million dollars.

The Robina local scored division one in Saturday’s Gold Lotto draw, as one of 11 winning entries.

Each entry takes home a division one prize of $549,405.38.


The man told The Lott that he won’t be headed to the gym today, as per his usual routine.

“I only just found out!” I was supposed to go to the gym, but I thought I would check my ticket. I just had an inkling to check it.

“When I saw it, my heart skipped a beat. I immediately woke up my wife. She was in shock and probably thought she was still dreaming.

“This is so cool!

“I didn’t make it to the gym. There’s no way I would have been able to concentrate. But I’ve probably burnt the same amount of calories from the excitement!”

The Robina dad has no big spending plans for the cash, choosing to invest it all so that he can provide for his family for yeas to come.

He bought the ticket from the newsXpress Robina Town Centre. Owners Karen & Graham Randall said they love the excitement that lottery wins bring to the community.

“We love sharing this incredible news with our customers,” they said.

“Our whole team is so excited. We’ve sold so many division one winning entries over the years and it never gets old,” they said.