Gold Coast declared cheapest spot in the state to fill up

Good news for the Gold Coast this morning, with the RACQ declaring we’re the cheapest region in the state to fill up on petrol.

Drivers pay an average of 98 cents a litre at the bowser last month, with Brisbane not far behind at 100.2 cents per litre.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith says it was due to a number of factors.


“There was a combination of factors that drove petrol prices down on the Gold Coast and around south east Queensland last month.

“While it was the bottom of the price cycle, we also saw oil prices crash, at one time they were at 18 year lows.

“The coronavirus has been having an impact on what we pay at the bowser as well,” Ms Smith said.

However, we’re being warned that those prices wont last, with the south east now entering the expensive phase of the cycle.

The average price has jumped more than 30 cents to 117.8 cents per litre within the last week alone.

“Of course those prices have started to go back up now, now isn’t the time to fill up,” Ms Smith said.

“We encourage Gold Coasters to hold off and wait for those prices to drop again, but boy it was good news for those who did need to fill up on the coast last month.

“It is frustrating because of course now is a time when we’re finally getting out in our cars and taking some short trips in some cases and those prices have gone up,” she said.

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