Gold Coast dog owners reminded to take the lead

Gold Coast dog owners are being reminded to keep their furry friends on a leash when taking them for a walk around the city.

Unless you are in a signed, designated off-leash area, pet owners must have their pooches on a leash at all times when in a public place.

More often than not, dog attacks occur when dogs are not on a leash or under effective control.


Division 11 Councillor Herman Vorster said pet owners are responsible and legally liable for the actions of their animals.

“While your four-legged friend might be a cherished member of the family, it’s important to remember not everyone is a dog person,” he said.

Mr Vorster said dog owners need to be considerate of others, and while you may think your pet is friendly and harmless, other people have the right to feel safe.

“Take the lead and be a responsible owner; walk your dog on a leash to ensure it is a paws-itive experience for the whole community.”

PHOTO: supplied by City of Gold Coast

Gold Coasters are also urged to take dog bags while out and about with their pooches, as no one likes standing in an unpleasant surprise.

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