Gold Coast dog owners warned of poisoned food left on popular dog beach

Gold Coast dog owners are being urged to look out for baited food being left at popular parks and beaches.

After a spate of recent poisonings in Brisbane, it seems the deadly attack has spread to the Gold Coast.

A worried dog owner took to Facebook yesterday, to share her experience at the dog beach at The Spit.


Kaytlyn Williams had been walking her little dog ‘Sootie’ when she noticed she’d found and ate a few small cubes of meat.

“I dug up around 10-15 large cubes of dog roll out of the sand which had vibrant, suspicious beads planted inside them,” her post reads.

Luckily, Sootie didn’t ingest too many of the little cubes, but she was taken to the vet where they induced vomiting as a precaution.

“She’s very sad and sorry for herself this afternoon,” the post continues.

Ms Williams then went on to warn other dog owners on the Gold Coast to watch their pets closely in public places.

The Facebook post has received an outpouring of support and disgust.