Gold Coast dog sparks debate

A Gold Coast canine has sparked a fair bit of discussion, after he was seized by City of Gold Coast recently.

Hugo, from Hope Island, is being threatened with death after repeated complaints from residents that he was roaming the streets for around 18 months.

City of Gold Coast will not give specific details of the various complaints but did release a statement on Tuesday which read “Our number one priority is the community safety and this dog has considerable history dating back to March last year.


“We have worked tirelessly with the owners to ensure the dog is kept on its premises.

“We cannot publicly list the incidents involving this dog but the destruction order has come after many repeated offences/incidents including attacks on other dogs and rushing at people.”


Owner, Lynette, set up a Facebook page called Save Hugo which attracted over 3,000 likes. (Above picture courtesy of that Facebook page.)

She told the Nine Network she would be happy to re-home Hugo if City of Gold Coast was not happy with his current living situation. She added that she just did not want her pet to be put down.

A protest is reportedly being planned.

City of Gold Coast said “The owners have appeal rights and Council will give their application every consideration”.

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