Gold Coast donut shop launches the flavour we’ve all been waiting for

Hold on to your muffin tops, Gold Coast, because a local donut shop is about to be sold out forever thanks to their latest creation.

D Point Ten donuts has answered the prayers of many of us mere mortals, and delivered what could only be described as heaven in a donut.

Caramilk. Donuts. Guys. No. But Yes.


They did it, we’re crying, and salivating.

Don’t freak out and run down to your nearest store (like I already did), because they’re not there YET.

They launch on Friday, which shall henceforth in my calendar be known as, D Point Ten Day.

However, I’ve spoken to Josh on the phone and he has advised they’re already taking orders NOW because they expect to sell out in record time.

I agree Josh, I agree. So I placed an order.

The D-point deities (this word means god/godess) have promised to continue stocking what’s sure to be their best seller as long as they can get Caramilk chocolate.