Gold Coast drivers caught parking illegally to be hit with tougher fines

You might want to start paying extra attention to where you park on the Gold Coast.

Drivers caught parking illegally across the city will now incur steeper fines, with council increasing penalties at the end of April to align with other SEQ local governments and improve public safety.

The fine for parking in a disabled space without a valid permit will now set you back $551, up from $344.


If you are caught parking on a footpath or nature strip you can expect a $172 fine, while parking on a continuous yellow line will also set you back $172.

In addition to facing hefty fines, drivers who choose to park illegally are also endangering the public.

Parking on nature strips puts pedestrians at risk as they are forced to walk out on the road. It can also create reduce visibility for other drivers, impede access to essential services and can cause damage and interference with underground infrastructure.

Motorists who park on a continuous yellow line may be endangering themselves and other road users as it can impair visibility for other motorists, and the road may be too narrow for parking or too close to an intersection or a slip lane.

Illegal parking in and around school zones (including pedestrian crossings, bus zones, yellow lines and footways) also puts children and parents at great risk. Drivers are urged to park legally and walk from neighbouring streets to collect children if necessary.

Mayor Tom Tate told myGC it is the responsibility of all drivers to abide by the road rules, including parking safely and legally.

“Not everyone plays the game fairly, so we need to regulate available space where congestion is heaviest and impose penalties for those who break the rules,” he said.

“In the spirit of caring and sharing, we can all make parking our cars a pleasant part of our way of life on the Gold Coast.”

For more information on how you can park safe to avoid getting a fine, visit:

This is a sponsored editorial brought to you by City of Gold Coast.