Gold Coast drivers are officially the worst

Well, perhaps not the absolute worst. There’s no survey or study that proves my point.

But from an anecdotal perspective, I have encountered a shocking amount of shocking drivers on the Gold Coast over the last couple of weeks – and they’re bloody rude to boot.

I mean, we’ve all been there, right? I know that in my time, I’ve turned a corner once or twice without properly evaluating oncoming traffic, only to see a car slam on their brakes to avoid hitting me.


Or I’ve jumped onto a roundabout a little early, without realising just how fast the oncoming car is actually going.

It’s the worst feeling when this happens: your heart rate increases, your breathing becomes shallow and your body effectively freaks out. You drive incredibly slowly for the rest of your journey because you’re still in panic mode about your ‘near miss’.

But for some people, it seems, their ability to be decent human beings about their road discretions are non-existent.

Like last Friday, when I dropped my daughter off to school. The school drop off is an extraordinarily busy traffic period that is fraught with frustration on the best of days, but on this day I had to draw on superhuman reserves to avoid getting my swear on in front of my kids.

Why? Because some dingbat pulled her car out into traffic without even making an effort to see if the road was clear.

It wasn’t – I was driving right next to her. I had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting her. Her response was to screw up her face, yell something unintelligible and throw her hands up at me as she continued driving. What the?!

And again this morning, I was minding my own business driving to an appointment along Cheltenham Drive in Robina, when a car pulled out in front of me without seeing my car. I slammed on my brakes, as did the driver behind me.

Again – there was no acknowledgment at all that he’d almost caused a piled up. He just coolly stared straight ahead and went on with his day.

C’mon Gold Coasters, we’re better than that. No one is perfect on the road; we all make the odd wrong turn.

But when you muck up, at least have the decency to offer an apology or a remorseful wave for your efforts. A smile and a wave costs nothing, but without some common decency behind the wheel, road rage boils on at an epic level!

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