Gold Coast emergency services stand up ‘school leaver support’

The Gold Coast is bracing for an influx of school leavers this weekend, as the 2020 school year comes to an end.

Official ‘schoolies’ celebrations have been canned on the Gold Coast, as a precautionary coronavirus measure.

Those wanting to come to the coast for small celebrations or a little holiday are still welcomed, but police will be out in force.


School leavers will only be permitted to stay in groups of ten at their rental accommodation, and adhere to social distancing requirements when out and about.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says he understands how difficult it is this year.

“The risk of coming and potentially getting transmitted Covid, to the risks of taking it home to your mum or dad or your grandparents – it’s just not worth it.

“You’re still young enough, come next year should it be on,” Tom Tate said.

He’s also issued a warning to those who are coming to the Gold Coast to follow the rules and stay safe.

“The warning is stay 1.5 metres away from each other because that’s the law. And the police are there.

“Enjoy yourself but it’s hard to be dancing and high energy because none of those events are on,” Mayor Tate said.

Police will have an increased presence around the party districts over the next two weeks, and will be on hand in emergency situations.

While Queensland Health and paramedics will stand up an emergency treatment centre in Surfers Paradise as a precautionary measure.

It will include a team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, emergency psychological services and a social worker.

The centre is in place to keep the hospital emergency departments free for other emergencies.