Art of Makeup Workshop

Despite what YouTube beauty tutorials might tell you, applying your makeup flawlessly doesn’t require 386 beauty products and three hours spent in front of your mirror.

Our Glam Affair Art Of Makeup Workshop was created by Crystal Dawson, professional makeup artist, natural beauty educator, writer and founder of mineral, cruelty-free makeup line, Glam Affair Cosmetics, who wants to teach women like you how to look and feel incredible – quickly and without all the fuss.

Our 3-hour, hands-on Art Of Makeup Workshop has helped over 8,000 everyday Australian women to learn all the basics of makeup.

Need to create a look that’ll last from your morning commute to cocktails? We can help. Have no idea how to conceal spots or pesky pigmentation? We’ve got your back. Don’t know if your skin’s better suited to matte or dewy foundation? We’ll break it down for you.

Perfect for beginners, or those wanting to refresh their beauty routine, our Workshop runs through the uncomplicated steps professional makeup artists use to create a unique look that doesn’t require expensive, hard-to-use makeup products.

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17 June 2018