Beyond The Beers – Conversations and Cool Stuff for Men

Turning locker-room talk into honest conversations

Every day in Australia five men take their own life. 93% of sexual assault perpetrators are men. Violence against women and in the community at large is not disappearing. It’s frighteningly clear that men are struggling to communicate and process our emotions, suffering in silence and reacting in destructive ways.

Our upcoming event, Beyond The Beers: Conversations & Cool Stuff For Men is designed to counter these issues through education, arming men with the skills to have the conversations we regularly avoid. No preaching, just calling men forward and showing them that “man up” doesn’t mean bottle things up until you explode.

It’s like grabbing a beer with your mates and actually being real for a couple of hours.

We flip the script on ‘locker-room talk’, even hearing from a confessed rapist who actually wrote a book with his victim and found a place of mutual healing with her.

We’re giving guys a chance to talk about the stuff that’s missing and how to overcome challenges like:

  • Addiction and alcohol dependency
  • Avoidance and conflict in relationships
  • Mental health and how to deal with it

All with a serious dose of reality and supported by men who have faced these challenges firsthand and found a path forward. This is an event for men who want to talk about the stuff that’s challenging but don’t know how or where to do it. This is for men who want to develop the strength to face what they lack and work to be better men.

Supported by Stone & Wood Brewery, Miami Marketta,

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11 August 2018


9:00 AM - 1:00 PM



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Miami Marketta
23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami