Presented By Bleach* Festival, City Of Gold Coast And Griffith University

Bleach* Festival brings you a daily line-up of the best local live music acts, from roots to reggae, folk to funk, and everything in between. Take a tour of the musicians that are the heart of our city.

At any point during the 11 days you can encounter your new favourite act to write home about, be it the soul-soaked, brass-fuelled pop, funk, and ska of Cheap Fakes; the indie garage pop of Triple J Unearthed darlings, Ivey; or mysterious multi-instrumentalist and chanteuse Aquila Young.

Don’t miss your chance to see these acts plus more than 50 other Gold Coast musicians.


12:30pm – 5:30pm Daily

12:30pm – 6:30pm Sunday 15 April

Further announcements coming. Please find the set times and artists listed below.

Thursday 5th April

  • 1:30pm SAVV
  • 2:30pm Amela
  • 3:30pm Electric Lemonade
  • 4:30pm Cheap Fakes

Friday 6th April

  • 12:30pm Atiya
  • 1:30pm Jax Haze
  • 2:30pm Doolie
  • 3:30pm The Delicates
  • 4:30pm Aquila Young

Saturday 7th April

  • 1:30pm AGWA
  • 2:30pm Clawmachine
  • 3:30pm Peach Fur
  • 4:30pm Ivey

Sunday 8th April

  • 1:30pm Catherine Gunther
  • 2:30pm Elska
  • 3:30pm Jackson James Smith
  • 4:30pm Karl S Williams

Monday 9th April

  • 12:30pm Hazel Mei
  • 1:30pm Kimbal Imaz
  • 2:30pm Boatkeeper
  • 3:30pm Katie Who
  • 4:30pm Benny D Williams

Tuesday 10th April

  • 12:30pm Cheeki
  • 1:30pm Tay Oskee
  • 2:30pm Athena Joy
  • 3:30pm Galaxy Girls
  • 4:30pm Donny Love

Wednesday 11th

A day of vocal music featuring Yugambeh Choir, Bleach Festivals’ By The Beach Music Camp participants, The Blenders, The Gold Coast Choir and The Bella Fontes

Thursday 12th April

  • 12:30pm Seyka
  • 1:30pm Harry J Hart
  • 2:30pm Mark Gray
  • 3:30pm Livvia
  • 4:30pm Hannah Rosa

Friday 13th April

  • 12:30pm Salt & Steel
  • 1:30pm By The Beach
  • 2:30pm Burger Joint
  • 3:30pm Phil Barlow
  • 4:30pm The Ruiins

Saturday 14th April

  • 12:30pm Sophia Koop
  • 1:30pm TOBI
  • 2:30pm Veople
  • 3:30pm San Mei
  • 4:30pm Th’Fika

Sunday 15th April

  • 12:30pm Phoebe Sinclair
  • 1:30pm Twelve Past Midnight
  • 2:30pm James St Preachers
  • 3:30pm Sarah Frank
  • 4:30pm Sunset City
  • 5:30pm The Hanlon Brothers




05 April 2018 - 15 April 2018


Gold Coast Chinatown
Young & Davenport Streets, Southport