Bond University’s Daniel Abrahams demystifies entrepreneurship

Calling all entrepreneurial minds – former Vice President and Chief Risk Officer of Aurizon Limited, Daniel Abrahams, is lifting the lid on the key to successfully listing a business on the ASX through an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The free presentation will be held at Bond University next weekend (Saturday, 19 May), with Mr Abrahams to share his more than two decades of entrepreneurial leadership experience gained from senior executive roles with Superloop Limited, Aurizon, Energex and Suncorp Group.

Mr Abrahams, who now heads Bond University’s Transformer program, credits his success to holding greater confidence in those around him than they have in themselves. His approach to effectively leading entrepreneurial teams, enabled these teams to disrupt some of Asia’s largest markets through a common-sense approach to business.

He said he would walk the audience through how to take an idea and create a successful business, including the basics – such as teamwork, leadership and being aware of customer needs.

Mr Abrahams’ presentation, ‘From Idea to IPO’ will be held from 10:30am to 11:30am at Bond University on Saturday, 19 May.

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19 May 2018


Bond University
14 University Dr