Dung Beetles Pole Sit Scout Jamboree Fundraiser

Scout fundraiser

I am a Scout Leader at Ashmore Scout Group on the Gold Coast. We have a major event coming up called AJ2019, check it out here http://aj2019.com.au/

As a Leader, we have to pay for our own camps and with this one costing over $2000 for 12 days away and also 12 days off work, I have decided to put together a fundraiser to assist in getting me there!

Not only the time off for the camp but all the planning meetings and buying gear for the trip.

I love being a Scout Leader! The Scouts are heaps of fun to be around and it is very rewarding to see the Scouts develop independence at an event like AJ2019 – in just 12 days away from home, they grow up so much!

I am going to be sitting, sleeping and cooking at the top of a Scissor lift donated by Kennards Hire Nerang. The scissor lift is close to 10 metres high (as high as a 3 story house).

Did I mention that I’m scared of heights? Don’t tell anyone!

I will have a banner printed by R W Promotions (another major sponsor). On this banner will be local businesses and they will be donating an amount to be seen on the side of my scissor lift over the weekend.

I will be going up onto the scissor lift on Friday the 24th of August and will be coming back down on Sunday the 26th at 10am. I will be in the carpark of Ashmore City Shopping Centre on the corner of Currumburra Rd and Southport – Nerang Road, Ashmore.

If you would like to have your business featured on the banner, please contact me on 0420 977 854 or if you’re in a position to, please donate to get me off to the Australian Jamboree in January 2019.

Check out my Go Fund Me page www.gofundme.com/DB2AJ19


24 August 2018 - 26 August 2018


No Stop Come and visit anytime over the weekend
6:00 PM - 10:00 AM


Bring a Donation or visit the Go Fund Me Page

More Info

More info


Ashmore City Shopping Centre
Corner Southport - Nerang and Currumburra Roads, Ashmore