Dylan Ely Masterclass Series | Session 3: Mixing and PT Session Techniques

Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Justin Beiber and Gwen Stefani are just some of the names that mix engineer Dylan Ely has worked with over his 24 years in the music industry.

In this final chapter of our 3 part series, Dylan puts this foundational knowledge to work by constructing a legitimate studio session, allowing you to mix along in real time.

He will cover fundamental mixing techniques that apply Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS) like Pro Tools, DP and Ableton, to flesh out proper production methods that take a track from inception to completion. As he concludes this masterclass, Dylan will reveal the top take-aways from the sessions and how you can keep focused on your inspiration and goals into the future.


03 September 2020


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM



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