Filling Your Cup – A self-care workshop for women

This experiential workshop has been designed to introduce the concepts of self-care and wellness. Jane will discuss and share how to use these concepts to create a state of inner calm and a more compassionate and supportive relationship with yourself.

Over the 2 1/2 hours, you will be invited to learn about –

– the foundations of self-care – what it is and what it is not,
– 5 reasons why it is important to start the practice of self-care now,
– 22 ways to bring self-care in to your life without being self-indulgent,
– self-criticism and stress and how you can start to change your relationship with it,
– how you can start to get to know yourself with understanding and kindness rather than harsh criticism,
– 2 x simple self-compassion and mindfulness practices you can use now to create inner calm within your day,
– ways to start letting go of resistance (e.g. perfection and procrastination) by embracing acceptance and releasing judgements, and
– how self-care can help you to be more open to supporting others.

Price also includes handouts and meditation to take-away 🙂

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03 April 2018


Freedom Float Centre
105 West Burleigh Rd, Shop 5