Lily Healing

Give your self a day full of love and healing, Bring yourself to this event to nourish your connection & empower your true being.

In a lush location we welcome you into a sacred space to devote your creative being, here you can feel safe, open, herd, loved, expressive, brave, you are invited to feel whatever it is you crave , belonging, stillness, relaxed, secure, high spirited, Whatever you want to feel and who ever you really are – you are encouraged to feel your greatness inlove.

On this day there will be a Healing circle & a sacred stage where warm hearted individuals will share their art forms & therapies with you. There will be Natural Therapies and practitioners, Artists and Performers expressing a range of healing arts and ways that will benefit and Inspire many.

Lily Healing is a Non-for-profit event to raise money to create a charity for Mental Health. This charity is going to exist to create funding for non-invasive healing facilities.


13 October 2018


All Day



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