LIVIN’s Giving Day

This year’s LIVIN’s Giving Day campaign, Givin 4 LIVIN, will help to raise as much funds as possible for LIVIN’s goal to deliver 500 LIVINWell programs across the country throughout the financial year. The donations will also help to train new facilitators so LIVIN can continue to provide valuable mental health education and resources to the young people who need it the most. Help us have life-changing conversations.

Givin 4 LIVIN provides the LIVIN Community with the perfect opportunity to help us continually refine our LIVINWell program so that it most effectively helps to break the stigma surrounding mental health, increase help-seeking intent and behaviour, and prevent people from dying too young due to suicide.

How it works

On LIVIN’s Giving Day – Thursday 14 October – make a donation to help LIVIN in breaking the stigma of mental health and improving mental health through early intervention and prevention initiatives, including education via our LIVINWell program.

Every $1 you donate will be MATCHED thanks to our generous matching donors.


Why we need your support

Every 40 seconds around the globe, someone takes their own life. Each loss will negatively impact up to 135 more people. We are here to help change that. As the number of young Australians experiencing mental ill-health and suicide increases, our LIVINWell in School Program has never been more important. Our LIVINWell in School Program is our mental health education and stigma reduction program.

It costs our organisation approximately $19.92 per student to deliver our 45-minute LIVINWell in School Program. On average, we speak to 100 students for every LIVINWell in School Program we deliver which costs us around $2,000. LIVIN delivers this program free of charge to schools to ensure that every school has equal access to mental health education.

Your donation to our Givin 4 LIVIN campaign will provide crucial funds to ensure present, and future, generations of young Australians have the benefit of receiving access to mental health education.


Here are examples of how your matched gift can make a difference…

  • $20 transforms to $40 – to provide 2 conversations with a school aged child about mental health
  • $100 transforms to $200 – provide 10 conversations with a school aged child about mental health
  • $200 transforms to $400 – to provide 20 conversations with a school aged child about mental health.
  • $1000 transforms to $2,000 – to provide conversations to a whole school about mental health.



14 October 2021


8:00 AM

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