Luminary lectures at the library: Taphonomy – Forensic science for dinosaurs

When you look at a fossil, you’re peering into the past. Who or what was this creature? When and where did it live? Why did it die? The science of taphonomy and what happens after an animal dies and how its body becomes a fossil can help answer these questions.

Join Dr Caitlin Syme for a fascinating discussion about the sometimes grisly but always fascinating world of taphonomy. Learn how fossils are a lot like 3D crime scene photographs, and how palaeontologists use data from modern animal decay and human body farms to reveal the past lives, and deaths, of dinosaurs. Discover more about these fossil crime scenes in our own backyard and fossils from Isisford and Winton in central western Queensland and more from across the world.

Come explore the world of taphonomy and the answers they hold on Wednesday 13 June, 6.30pm to 7.30pm, at our Elanora Library.

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13 June 2018


Elanora Library
The Pines Shopping Centre, Guineas Creek Road