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Ahoy there, me hearties! Join us after sundown and be mesmerised by the melodious magic of a blazing ship-shaped flame organ in action. Experience the phantasmagorical, pyrotechnic riot that is Pyrophone Juggernaut.

Setting sail on an ancient journey of musical discovery, using tools of their own making, this unique festival performance-art centrepiece conveys the allegory of an imaginary voyage. In a fiery tuned spectacle, actual flames make pipes sing and musicians are the hardened deckhands, who are driven by their captain’s relentless beat.

Captain Steve Langton grew up in India, where early impressions of street festivals, music, and architecture conspired to influence his present fascination with happy chaos, rhythmic music and elegance in form.

Based on a 250-year-old experimental musical instrument, Hubbub Music’s Pyrophone Juggernaut is the largest hand-operated, multi-octave fire organ in the world. Deep growls, atavistic moans and even choral-sounding timbres combine with epic bell cords, industrial drums and acoustic thongaphone bass.

Share the excitement as the furnace-driven organ, accompanied by massive, tuned freight-liner alloy wheels, sub-frequency metallophones, fire-infused truck horns and a giant gong, create hypnotic, melodic rhythms, which erupt in the night. Pyrophone Juggernaut is a dazzling sonic inferno in the park.

Shiver me timbers!

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17 April 2019



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Bleach* at Burleigh
Near Mowbray Park