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Silkwood School Open Evening

Silkwood has developed The Silkwood Way, an educational approach that places individual student learning plans at the centre and uses student interest, innovative learning styles, flexible timetables and the Australian Curriculum to intentionally enhance every child’s learning adventure.

The traditional educational model was born out of an era where intelligence was focused on knowledge and there was a need to grow an industrialised workforce; the world has changed and Silkwood is re-imagining education in a contemporary and innovative context.

Silkwood School

At Silkwood School, educators aim to inspire students to explore, innovate and thrive.

Silkwood School’s goal is to see each student love learning, be resilient, unafraid of risk and turn their dreams into reality.

Discover what makes Silkwood School different at their “Open Evening” on Wednesday, May 15 from 5pm to 7pm.

Please contact Silkwood School to register your interest in attending.


15 May 2019


5:00 PM - 7:00 PM



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Silkwood Independent School
39 Shepherd Hill Lane, Mt Nathan