Songs from the Bardo

Canal Street Communications, Pomegranate Arts and HOTA, Home Of The Arts presents Songs from the Bardo

In this musical presentation of texts from the Tibetan Book of the Dead (also known as the Great Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo) Anderson and the renowned singer Tenzin Choegyal present their interpretation of the treasured words and images of this ancient text.

Using voice, percussion and strings the musicians invoke the teachings and imagery -sky, water, earth and fire- of the Tibetan conception of the ever dissolving bardo.

”These timeless texts teach us awareness, the importance of being in the present. Their intention? To wake the dreamers.”

About Laurie Anderson

Unapologetically experimental, Laurie Anderson is best known for her multimedia presentations and innovative use of technology. Based out of New York City, she has published seven books, had chart-topping hits including 1981s “O Superman,” and has had her artwork presented in major galleries around the world. In 2015 she directed the film Heart of a Dog inspired by her terrier Lolabelle, and dedicated to her late husband Lou Reed. Rolling Stone describes Anderson as both “a singer-songwriter of crushing poignancy” and “a minimalist painter of melancholy moods who addresses universal themes in the vernacular of the commonplace.”

About Tenzin Choegyal

Tenzin Choegyal is a Tibetan artist, composer, activist, musical director and cultural ambassador. Born to a family of Tibetan nomads, Tenzin Choegyal was forced into exile in India as his family fled the repression in Tibet. As a child, Tenzin would listen to his mother singing in the nomadic style and he attributes much of his passion for that genre to her early influence. Tenzin channels the wisdom and traditions of his ancestors through his compositions. Over the years, Tenzin has created a successful international career as a musician, playing at such prestigious events as Woodford Folk Festival, WOMAD as well as several Concerts for Tibet House at Carnegie Hall, New York.

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23 June 2018


4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


HOTA Outdoor Stage
135 Bundall Road, Bundall


HOTA, Home of the Arts
07 5588 4000