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Business Ownership ! The Long Lonely Path. Let’s Lift The Lid On Mental Health In Business Ownership!

About this Event:
As a business owner do you occasionally experience tough times, times when business is so tough that it starts to bleed into the rest of your life. It impacts family, your social life, everything. But as you have to wear your “business owners mask” to make everything look positive, you can’t share the load with anyone?

“Literally every business owner I talk to has experienced some form of depression or anxiety on some level, through their journey as business owner”. Damian Papworth.

Come join us for breakfast on Friday June 7th, and meet a panel of business owners who are leaders in their field and listen to their real life stories on being a business owner and the effects it has on their mental health. Proceeds from this event will be donated to Gold Coast Charity LIVIN. #ITAINTWEAKTOSPEAK

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07 June 2019


7:00 AM - 10:00 AM



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Novotel Hotel


Novotel Hotel
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