Gold Coast expert comes up with alternative to surf tax

A member of the Gold Coast Surf Council has come up with a new way to tackle surf rage.

A recent Courier Mail article suggested a pay-per-wave surfing tax be introduced.

But the Surfrider Foundation’s Brad Farmer said the idea of a surf levy would not wash with surfers themselves.


He said a better idea might be to dump sand off the Coast to create new breaks.

Mr Farmer added sand pumping has proven to be effective worldwide, by spreading out the crowd.

Mr Farmer added “there are so many people on the Gold Coast who want to go surfing on a surf board largely and we’re a victim of our own success, so I think it’s time to have a really good robust national discussion or local discussion about what we do next”.

The Gold Coast Surf Council is creating the Surf Management Plan, and members have made several recommendations as part of that.

Mr Farmer met with City of Gold Coast last Monday to present some of their ideas, and said the talks were quite cordial.

He added more discussions are planned in a few weeks time.